Need for Advisory Services in Merger and Acquisition

A takeover can be a process wherein an acquirer starts charge of the target company. The acquirer may achieve this without or with the consent of the shareholders. Here are some of the defenses utilized in the U.S, Europe and India

Pac-man Defence

This course is commonly employed to prevent a hostile takeover. Here the target company counters the takeover bid by trying to get the bidder’s company start by making a counter offer to purchase the process of the acquiring company. This diverts the attention in the acquirer, who becomes busy in preventing the takeover of their own company. The hostile takeover attempt of Martin Marietta by Bendix Corporation in 1982 is a good example. In response to the takeover bid, Martin Marietta started buying Bendix stock with the aim of assuming control of the business.

Nancy Reagan Defence

This course may be the one in which the board with the directors with the target company avoid the formal bid manufactured by the acquirer towards the shareholders to get their shares. The board of directors have the authority to resist a takeover attempt along with the matter ends here. The constitution from the company provides them with this authority. The word identifies a catch phrase coined by U.S. first lady Nancy Reagan advocating “abstinence from recreational drug use’’.

Bank Mail

A financial institution mail defense method is one the place that the bank with the target firm refuses financing options to the firm that's thinking about taking it over. This is achieved for the exact purpose of preventing an acquisition and by doing the following:
• Depriving the merger through non use of finance
• Increasing the transaction costs of the acquirer
• Delaying the takeover and permitting the mark firm to formulate other anti-takeover strategies

The acquiring firm may also keep other programs out of your fray. For instance, Company A planning to buy Company B may seek a warranty from your bank it will either loan company A’s bid or no bid in any way. Such a strategy may also be used to bar others through the takeover fray.

Crown Jewel Defence

Crown jewel represents essentially the most valuable unit or department of an company. These units are classified as crown jewels according to their profitability, price of assets owned, and future growth prospects. Because these will be the most effective parts of the business, they are often utilized as a takeover defense. Here the business creates anti-takeover clauses whereby it has got the directly to sell off the crown jewels in case of a hostile takeover.


Sandbag occurs when the objective firm tends to defer the takeover or acquisition with the aspiration that another firm, with better offers, may takeover instead. To put it differently, it does not take process through which the objective firm “kills time” while waiting for a much more eligible firm to initiate the takeover.

It's an anti-takeover strategy whereby the mark firm issues a charter preventing those that have a lot more than 10% ownership of convertible securities like convertible bonds, convertible preference shares, and warrants from transferring these securities to voting stock. This charter turns into a barrier and hostile takeover becomes difficult. When the acquirer enters this trap, it might be tough to exit since the acquirer can neither acquire controlling stake in the industry with the target, nor will it exit from the limited stake acquired.

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